Well the Arinsdale Ltd name has been around since the incorporation of the business in 1986 we always thought of changing it but never did, doesn’t really mean anything, it’s unique and starts with an A. In the days of phonebook listings, we were at the start! 


Tensys® was introduced as a brand in 1997. The name is derived from an acronym of ‘tensile systems’, which represents the generic performance featured in many of our products. TENSYS® is the wholly owned registered trademark of Arinsdale Ltd, available from carefully selected partners but only manufactured by us. 


The Crosby brand has been trusted for more than 130 years.

As the world’s leading manufacturer for rigging, lifting, and material handling applications, Crosby delivers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products, engineered to exceed the toughest demands. We serve the land-based and offshore energy, construction and infrastructure, cargo handling and towing, marine, mining, and transportation industries.

Our products of uncompromising quality include hooks, Red Pin® shackles, hoist rings, master links, lifting clamps, slings, turnbuckles, snatch blocks, crane blocks, sheaves, and a host of other custom-engineered solutions.

Lodar Ltd is an industry leader in the design and production of Industrial Wireless Remote Controls. Since 1984, the team at Lodar has reinvented and developed the radio remote system to suit the needs of working companies and individuals. We believe quality and excellence should come as standard.

Flexibility in our design allows us to easily modify the standard range, to meet the many specfic individual requirements that are requested. We offer support to our customers through our network of trained Distributors in 28 countries.

Leister PVC coated fabric welding equipment is used to join and hem materials that are coated in PVC to provide a waterproof covering.

Typically, these are used for making tarpaulin and lorry side curtains, and more recently for making marquees and sunshade covers, or for protective tarpaulin type covers for boats and caravans and other leisure equipment.

Leister hand tools are generally used to repair tarpaulin and covers, whereas the range of automatic hem welding and joining machines use hot air to manufacture larger covers, curtains and marquees.

They have been manufacturing and distributing chain and chain related products since 1892.

The William Hackett Group is the UK's leading provider of chain products and lifting systems solutions to its distributors used in:

The Industrial, Construction and Utilities markets providing the industry's premier G 8 & G10 chain sling systems, hoisting and stainless steel products.

The Oil and Gas industries, specialising in lifting solutions to the offshore and subsea sectors.

The automotive industry with a wide range of lifting point and hoist rings.

The Forestry Industry providing components suitable for use in both wire rope, chain systems and integrated assemblies.

The Fishing and Marine industries providing a range of chain assemblies and fitting.

Tiger Lifting manufacture and provide the full range of Tiger hoisting and winching products globally, including the Tiger Subsea Lifting range. They have recently increased their range of lifting clamps and provide high quality height safety hardware products.

They have many close partnerships with successful lifting equipment distributors across the world and as a global innovator and provider we work constantly with customers and key suppliers to continually develop their products and product range.

They aim to set the highest standards in manufacturing, service, product reliability and safety and to provide industry leading value to our customers and supply chain partners.

Their hoisting range includes chain blocks and lever hoists, trolleys, clamps and combination units. They offer a wide range of winches for a variety of applications. Their height safety hardware includes beam anchors, fall arrest block and karabiners. They also offer spark proof, corrosion resistant and bespoke OEM products for special applications.

With a history spanning over 150 years, Columbus McKinnon is a global leader in lifting and smart motion control technology.

Our portfolio of high-quality brands such as CM, STAHL CraneSystems, Yale, Magnetek, Coffing, and Duff-Norton, are solving high-value problems that transform businesses, increase safety and drive business growth and efficiency.

All systems and devices manufactured by PROTEKT ensure safety during work where fall from height is possible. 

Their equipment is used in wide variety of working fields - working at height, depth and mining, rescue and others. We offer both individual protection equipment (safety harness, energy absorbers, lanyards) and complete safety systems 

We take extra care of user comfort and reliability of our products. We always try to match all requirements of our customers. 

All our products are CE certified. 

For detailed, up to date information please contact us.


Many products have additional certificates and statements for usage in specific work conditions:

  • Explosive zones: Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

  • Committee for Mining Threats

  • Ladders and rope ladders: Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining

  • Fire brigade equipment: CNBOP-PIB

  • Textile materials: Textile Research Institute

Personal protection equipment against falls from height manufactured by the PROTEKT company is EC-type examination and certification carried by following notified bodies: 

The company (Est. 1948) is privately owned and was built-up on a patented solution for mechanical splicing of wire ropes.

They have continued to be a pioneering force within this industry, developing effective methods and equipment.

The company owns trademarks throughout the industrialised world.
Ferrules, sleeves and fittings are developed in different materials in order to cater for a wide variety of applications. The most widely used ferrules are made from aluminium, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel. They are seamlessly extruded over mandrel for added safety. The ferrules are produced according to valid standards and safety requirements and are fully traceable under ISO 9001.

Talurit Group has approvals from LLOYD’S, GERMANISCHER LLOYD, BUREAU VERITAS, DET NORSKE VERITAS, etc and certification of these is available upon request.

In the 1970’s, the trade name Green Pin® was launched to emphasise product quality, recognition and demand worldwide. 

Green Pin® shackles are manufactured in their production unit in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. It is a genuine " Made in Holland" product.

Currently, not only shackles are sold under the name Green Pin® name, but also other items, such as sockets, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, load binders, etc. 


A genuine Green Pin® shackle can be identified by the green coloured pin and the marking on the shackle body and pin. Green Pin® and the colour green applied to the pin are both registered trade marks of Van Beest.

The original Green Pin® shackles are marked with for instance:


This stands for:



= Working Load Limit of 25 metric tons;

GP or Bs

= manufacturer's symbol;


= traceability code;


= steel grade;


= "Conformité Européen".